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Telstra Lismore Jobs Market

Telstra Lismore Jobs Market

R&S Muller Enterprise Pty Ltd were engaged to event manage the Telstra Lismore Jobs Market, an event being held in response to the closure of the Telstra Call Centre (in Lismore), and subsequent redundancy of more than 116 workers.

R&S Muller Enterprise Pty Ltd undertook the logistics of the event and contacted employers to get them to list jobs. Our target 250 – we achieved 1000+ jobs listings.

North East Waste Forum

Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation

R&S Muller Enterprise Pty Ltd rolled out a Business Waste reduction strategy on behalf of five member councils of Northern Rivers. This project includes marketing strategy development and implementation.

Northern Rivers Food Links

Project Manager

R&S Muller Enterprise Pty Ltd was the Project Manager to one of the largest food security programs in Australia, the Northern Rivers Food Links (NRFL) Project. NRFL is a cooperative venture involving eight councils in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW. In 2009 the Department of Environmental and Climate Change, through its Urban Sustainability Program within the Environmental Trust, provided $2 million of funding for the development and implementation of a food security business plan. Muller Enterprise wrote this plan, and project managed some 37 contracts with 130+ projects on ground.

Workforce Development Plan

Workforce Development Plan Northern Rivers Regional Organisation of Council (NOROC)

R&S Muller Enterprise Pty Ltd were engaged to identify innovative solutions to plan for and address current and future workforce shortages including ways to maximise capabilities, lift productivity and increase workforce participation of Local Government Northern Rivers.

Jetty Memorial Theatre 

Strategic and Business Plan

R&S Muller Enterprise Pty Ltd developed a two stage Strategic and Business Plan for the future development of the Jetty Memorial Theatre. This included:

  1. Establishing the theatre’s agreed strategic vision, direction and outcomes.
  2. Developing a business plan that clearly defined how to implement the theatre’s strategic vision, direction and outcomes.

Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance 

Business Plan and Mentoring

R&S Muller Enterprise Pty Ltd was commissioned by DEEWR to write a business plan for the Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance Aboriginal Corporation (SWFW). The outcome saw a philosophical shift from a social organisation dependent upon grant funding to a social enterprise.

Cooramah Cultural Centre 

Business Plan

R&S Muller Enterprise Pty Ltd was engaged by the Cooramah Housing and Enterprise Aboriginal Corporation (CH&EAC) to prepare a business plan for the Cooramah Cultural Centre, located in Glen Innes.

Clarence Creative

Business Plan

Following on from the Clarence Valley Strategic Plan, the Business Plan was developed to deliver an innovative, achievable and a sustainable cluster solution for the Clarence Valley’s creative sector. With low capital available, the key focus was on skills gaps and group collective marketing.

Tweed Shire Council Auditoria

Business Plan

The purpose of The Tweed Shire Council Auditoria Business Plan was to explore the current and best-use of the Auditoria as a performance space for the region, with a focus on maximising and repositioning usage and increasing income streams.

Fresh Start

Strategic Plan

The Clarence Valley community of schools committed to improving opportunities for Indigenous students to achieve successful transition from secondary school to further education and training, and employment. R&S Muller Enterprise Pty Ltd developed the strategy with the goal of delivering a practical, actionable plan that provides aspirational pathways. It is a framework to guide a new way of thinking and doing business for the school community.

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA)

Preferred Supplier

Indigenous Business Australia has engaged R&S Muller Enterprise Pty Ltd for the provision of business and strategic planning and client business mentoring for start up and existing enterprise.

Tweed Education and Industry Forum

Strategic Action Plan

R&S Muller Enterprise Pty Ltd were engaged by The Tweed Education and Industry Forum (TEIF) to prepare a Strategic Action Plan. The primary purpose of this work was to build on the existing programs and practices in schools, within agencies/groups and in the business community.

This Strategic Action Plan was commissioned to identify the key strategic opportunities for the Tweed Education and Industry Forum (TEIF) for the next three years and is the blue print to move the group from the discussion phase to action phase as quickly and strategically as possible.

North Coast Medicare Local

Communication Strategy

The purpose of the communication strategy was to provide a clear framework to help NCML achieve its strategic goals.  It outlined a strategy to engage with stakeholders who had been identified as critical to its future success.  The focus was on simple, standardised messages and methods of communication with both internal and external stakeholders.

Clarence Valley Council

Export Readiness Program

Clarence Valley Council engaged R&S Muller Enterprise Pty Ltd to deliver workshops to local businesses to help them develop the necessary skills to assess the capacity and readiness of their enterprise to expand into new markets. This project aimed to assist participating business to make informed decisions on the process of value-adding, market access and export opportunities.

Byron Regional and Sports Complex

Business Plan

A short timeframe of 4 weeks required targeted consultation and research to develop a business plan for a $15,000,000 federally funded sport and cultural facility in Byron Shire.

Nthn Region Regional Partnership Agreement

Independent Evaluation

R&S Muller Enterprise Pty Ltd were engaged to undertake an independent evaluation of the Northern Region Regional Partnership Agreement (NRRPA) on behalf of the Regional Partnership Committee Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Indigenous Affair Group. The NRRPA seeks to provide the means for measurable and sustainable transformation in the lives of Aboriginal people in the region. Through comprehensive collaboration, the evaluation assessed the performance of the RPA and made recommendations for improvements.

Coffs Coast as a Tourism Destination

Action Plan

We developed an action plan and engagement strategy for Coffs Harbour City Council which allowed council to respond to industry concerns about promotional and marketing spend on the destination for tourists. The collaborative consultation process included all key stakeholders ensuring ownership and buy-in to the action plan.

Norfolk Island Health Services

Consultation and Response

The Norfolk Island Government together with Norfolk Island Health Enterprise engaged our firm to respond to the recommendations and findings of two recent health reports, the Draft Health Service Plan and the Review of Existing Child and Family Support Services on Norfolk Island. Through extensive consultation, we were able to quantify the health needs of Norfolk Island residents and engage with community, stakeholders and health professionals to enable an inclusive response to the plans.

Disability Jobs Drive

Project Management

A positive and highly successful project delivered for Lismore City Council, which aimed to increase awareness about hiring people with disabilities and create more job opportunities. We almost doubled our target of 70 job listings with 125 positions listed in the first month. Media coverage about the campaign was extensive.

Local Government Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment

The purpose of the needs assessment was to scope the current waste-related needs of local government and prioritise areas for EPA intervention and action. A plan English report was created to inform the development and implementation of an education strategy, education campaign materials, and other programs and tools to support local councils.

Litter Projects

Mentoring Program

R&S Muller Enterprises Pty Ltd secured the contract from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for NSW Litter Prevention Program Stage 1 and 2 Council Grants Mentoring Program. We provide support to council staff in receipt of EPA grants to strengthen their projects by finding ways to collaborate with other organisations, other programs and the community. The outcomes achieved over the past three years includes feedback from the assessment panel that project objectives and project plans are clearer, more realistic and have the necessary detail to allow for a true assessment of what the project is hoping to achieve.

Warra-li Sustainability Plan

Sustainability Plan

The Warri-li Resource Unit Incorporated was developed with the purpose of alleviating the social and economic disadvantage experienced by Aboriginal people living in the NRRPA (link here to previous project where this is explained). As Warra-li moved from its government-funded start up phase towards sustainability R&S Muller Enterprise Pty Ltd were engaged to provide a actionable sustainbility plan and monitoring to support implementation.

Community Food Initiatives

Major Project

The NSW Environmental Trust engaged R&S Muller Enterprises Pty Ltd to identify if there were ways in which community food initiatives might be supported to deliver long-term, self-sustaining, environmental outcomes. This was a major project, in which hundred of people were consulted state-wide, nationally and internationally. A research report is available for review, which presents the key findings of the research phase of this project. Key strategic directions and recommendations were presented to the NSW Environmental Trust for consideration.